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  • OYYF Architecture Technology Co., Ltd., was founded in 2020, which is a modern architecture technology industry with integrated production and sales of prefabricated buildings and overall scheme of smart home.

    OYYF manufactures modular building products worldwide, provides top-notch modular design, proprietary manufacturing technology and digital software technical supports. We are committing to improving the project schedule and efficiency, reducing damage to the ecological environment and ensuring quality and safety to the greatest extent.

  • OYYF Modular building system is a SIP modular building system which integrates structure,insulation, water and electricity, HVAC, decoration and smart system. This fast assembly technology will transfer most of the site construction and decoration work to the factory for completion, then transport the packages to the site. It only takes days or even hours to complete the assembly works. This is the future of sustainable modular buildings.

    At present, OYYF's modular buildings are going to spread all over the world, which can be rapidly deployed to small, medium and large building projects.

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    Archi future, Artech life

    According to technological innovation, relying on manufacturing technology and product development, OYYF aims to become a global leader in the modular industry in the future. And through the rapid installation technology, to reduce the assembly duration and complexity in a sustainable way, implant our technology services for human settlements, endow buildings with smart brains, and provide AI smart housekeeping services.

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    OYYF Architecture Technology Co.,Ltd.(Simplified as OYYF) is a China-based manufacturer of modular buildings and prefab kit homes, with a strong focus on energy efficiency , space & affordability , easy assembly & convenient transportation. Our prefab modular kit house has been manufactured for use in a variety of building applications, for example: Residential house, Office, Schools, Commercial Buildings, Hospitals, Hotels, Leisure Centers, etc.

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