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    Modular construction is the government approved construction method that is revolutionizing the building industry.

    OYYF modular buildings can be an optimal solution for government construction because they are built quickly, efficiently, cost-effectively, and with safety as a priority. They’re ideal to use for classroom, medical facilities or customized modular buildings.

    Innovative modular solutions can also help reduce the unpredictability of emergency response by providing high-quality permanent and temporary building solutions to all levels of government agencies. We supply modular buildings for emergency response and disaster relief situations.

    Applications include but not limit to
  • Government offices
  • Fire stations
  • Police stations
  • Labs
  • Libraries
  • Restrooms
  • Classroom
  • Campus
  • Medical Center
  • Emergency & Disaster relief housing
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    OYYF Architecture Technology Co.,Ltd.(Simplified as OYYF) is a China-based manufacturer of modular buildings and prefab kit homes, with a strong focus on energy efficiency , space & affordability , easy assembly & convenient transportation. Our prefab modular kit house has been manufactured for use in a variety of building applications, for example: Residential house, Office, Schools, Commercial Buildings, Hospitals, Hotels, Leisure Centers, etc.

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