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  • OYYF’s innovative new Modular Villa concept delivers a full modular building concept to specific client design requirements and brand standards. Completed villas are fully equipped and are assembled and outfitted in an extremely short time frame.

    · High and consistent build quality

    · 70–80% of construction and outfitting completed offsite

    · Installation and construction time onsite reduced by 80–90%

    · Building a 3-bedroom villa takes 2 weeks

    · Minimum material waste and reduced transport to construction site

    · Improved safety and reduced number of construction workers on site

    · Less disturbance for neighbouring buildings and business

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    OYYF Architecture Technology Co.,Ltd.(Simplified as OYYF) is a China-based manufacturer of modular buildings and prefab kit homes, with a strong focus on energy efficiency , space & affordability , easy assembly & convenient transportation. Our prefab modular kit house has been manufactured for use in a variety of building applications, for example: Residential house, Office, Schools, Commercial Buildings, Hospitals, Hotels, Leisure Centers, etc.

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