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  • Healthcare

    Medical facilities are often faced with immediate needs for increased office, clinic, and laboratory or storage space. OYYF modular solution for the health-care sector is fast, efficiently, and flexibility to meet stringent building requirements, combined with patient focused design, allow you to deliver care that produces optimal outcomes.

    OYYF modular construction offers quiet, safe, and clean applications for medical, surgical, clinical, laboratory, and dental use. Whenever organizations or communities need a new rehabilitation clinic, emergency room, operating room, hospital extensions, laboratory, diagnostic center, or other medical facilities, modular healthcare buildings can be custom built to the tightest budgets while maintaining strict medical and aesthetic specifications.

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  • OYYF

    OYYF Architecture Technology Co.,Ltd.(Simplified as OYYF) is a China-based manufacturer of modular buildings and prefab kit homes, with a strong focus on energy efficiency , space & affordability , easy assembly & convenient transportation. Our prefab modular kit house has been manufactured for use in a variety of building applications, for example: Residential house, Office, Schools, Commercial Buildings, Hospitals, Hotels, Leisure Centers, etc.

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